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What makes a good Policy & Procedure Manual?

Policies are a big part of life in the childcare sector, but it can be the part that most people dislike and it can take up a great deal of time. Come on, I know how many of us have spent hours writing these policy's to watch them collect dust :). The thing is that we still need to have policies in place, there is always the questions of what policies should I have, how long should they be and so forth, which I feel there is no one real answer for, as each centre is different and will require different policies.

The trick to putting together your policy & procedure manual, is to first put them in some sort of order that your educators and families can understand where to find them. The second step is to make sure you have included in your manual all policy's that are required under the Education and Care Services National Regulations. Make sure the policies are informative and to the point -  they need to be clear & concise.

A visual approach to policies which incorporates colour, and graphs is a good way to catch the reader's attention. When you are writing the content for your policy, think about who you would be expecting to read them and tailor them to that audience. Avoid terminology that will not be readily understood by the readers.

Try not to make them to technical, they need to be simple enough that new employees and families can understand them. When entering procedures in these policy's make sure include a step by step instructions, a perfect example for this is your nappy procedure should be stepped out step by step.

Also think about other things to go in the manual like title pages and a table of contents, these items make is easier to navigate around the manual.

Try not to make the manual too large, think about streamlining some of you policies together if you can.  Last but not least, make sure you are sourcing your polices and linking them to the NQS & the National Regulations.

 Giggletree produces a Policy & Procedure Manual Template for Childcare centres – If you are interested in finding out more about the Policies please email us at ua.moc.eertelggig@selas

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