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Creating Unique Environments

What is one of the main aspects of Early Learning Environments that creates a unique community orientated place of engaged learning?

After only just over 5 years within a Director/Nominated Supervisor role with the support of Giggletree I have realised it is the people including all children, families, educators, owners & community networks that all come together in the one place & time to create these learning opportunities for each other and for children.

The initial conception I had when commencing this leadership role was it is going to take at least 5 years to truly have the sense that the new centre is established. Highfields Early Learning Centre opened on 25th February 2008 which was the first day of an amazing learning journey to date. The people that you meet and stories of experiences that are shared is what contributes to creating those unique experiences and learning opportunities for all and enable you to be all you can be.

So, from my personal experience I would recommend to all to enjoy every moment with the people, both big and small, around you as this is what I believe creates those memorable moments and we all know how precious time is.

Yes, it is nice to have an abundance of toys and resources, however, in reality the cherished memories children will form are the interactions and experiences they share with those who are attuned to them. Whether it is a new song, planting a seed, making a construction from recycled materials or quickly racing down the hallway at the end of the day to see 'Miss Nicole' for a smiley face drawing. These experiences all create the sense of security and welcoming atmosphere.

Honestly, creating this unique environment is at times a challenge and we never know exactly what each day is going to bring, but, one thing you can be assured of is when you are surrounded by a supportive team and a Community orientated culture 'life long learning' thrives and begins for young children.

Recently, I came across a great movie which also emphasis this Community culture and importance of the people you spend your valuable time with and the link to being happy...

'Grow with Us'
Nicole (Director/Nominated Supervisor of Highfelds ELC)

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